Seasonal Treatments


Seasonal Treatments - what do we apply to your lawn?

Our regular lawn care service will improve the colour of your grass whilst keeping moss and weeds under control. We make four pre-scheduled visits per year.

Spring Treatment (standard)

Your spring visit includes a granular fertiliser plus a selective spray to control all visible weeds. The ground is beginning to warm up again so our specially formulated granular feed will gradually release the correct balance of nutrients over 10-12 weeks improving the colour, thickness and appearance of your grass.

Summer Treatment (standard)

Your summer visit includes a granular fertiliser with extra Nitrogen along with a second treatment for any new weeds which may have emerged. The summer feed will steadily release balanced nutrients over 10-12 weeks. This maximises the appearance of your grass during summer as it copes with weekly mowing and the rigours of increased use.

Autumn Treatment (standard)

This is the most important feed of the year. Grass growth is slowing down as the ground begins to cool. Our autumn granular feed will strengthen the lawn's root system and improve the appearance of your grass as we head towards winter.


Winter Treatment (standard)

Moss will naturally thrive during the dark, damp days of winter. The grass has stopped growing so it cannot compete for space. All lawns will develop some patches but if left untreated moss can spread across your lawn. We spray a ferrous moss control product which removes moisture from the moss to stop it thriving. After our visit the moss will appear black which makes it easier to identify (we always recommend a spring scarification to thoroughly rake it out).


All our products are safe when used correctly. Just check each invoice for specific advice to avoid any harm or staining.


To reduce the chance of Summer fungal disease like Redthread brush the lawn dry. Disease thrives when grass is constantly warm and wet.