Just add water!


Over-seeding helps lawns to thicken up and recover - especially after scarification. We also re-seed bare patches and even create new lawns from scratch. 

Cheshire Lawn Therapy use a range of high quality seed blends including Dwarf Ryegrasses, Bents and Fescues.  We select them according to the needs of your lawn whether it be for rapid germination, cold weather conditions or those tricky areas in the shade.

Seed germination begins within 2/3 weeks. The soil needs to be above 5 degrees celsius with sufficient moisture - either from rain or your sprinkler.

Mowing can commence 3-4 weeks after seeding as required. However, it must only be cut on a higher setting (3-4cm) until the new grass is fully established.

To maximise the germination of fresh seed we recommend an application of a fertile soil top dressing.

Seeding a shady area  ---->
Before and after