Removing the excess which suffocates lawns

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Scarification - revive your lawn

A mechanical raking process to remove unwanted moss, thatch and waste from the surface of your lawn. Your annual scarification enables air and moisture to permeate down into the soil creating a thicker, greener sward.


Lawns which are scarified each year will cope well with heavy usage and stay greener than other gardens during a drought. We perform this invasive process in either spring or autumn when conditions are most likely to help them recover. To prevent live moss spores from spreading afterwards we routinely apply a moss control product when we scarify.

For the very best results we can also offer seeding, aeration and top-dressing during the same visit. Waste builds up to a significant volume unless the process has been carried out each year. We fill your green waste bin and bag the remainder neatly to leave onsite.


Please ask us if you need a waste removal specialist.




  • Greener lawn after a few weeks of recovery

  • More resilient grass during dry spells

  • Removal of unsightly moss and brown patches

  • Reduces turf disease and discourages harmful Chafer Grubs by reducing their food source

Video of scarification process | 0.14 sec