Let your lawn breathe


Removing soil cores to alleviate compaction

Hollow Tine Aeration
This highly recommended mechanical process punctures the surface and improves the structure of your lawn. There are no immediate visible effects but, just like your annual car service, aeration can prevent potential problems before they occur.


  • Greener lawn: soil compaction is reduced so that moisture can flow freely to the roots where it is needed most.

  • Reduced moss: aeration minimises surface moisture which would otherwise help moss to thrive!

  • Reduced water-logging: a sandy top dressing worked into the holes can further help the soil to absorb moisture (3rd video below). 

Watch how we do it:

1. Make some holes


​2. Clear the cores away


3. Sometimes we fill the holes with sandy top dressing to improve drainage.

0.09 sec
Video of aeration application | 0.07 sec
0.20 sec